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            Can I transfer my saved projects to another computer?

            Yes, you can easily copy your saved project to an external device (space permitting). This makes it easy to showoff your projects to family, co-workers, friends, and even clients. You can start a project on one computer and complete it on another that has the software installed. Follow the steps below:

            • Connect your external device onto your computer.
            • Click the Save button, a window will appear.
            • Locate and select your external device by selecting Browse.
            • Type a name for your project at the designated file name field.
            • Click the Save button (A progress bar will be seen on the layout preview, when it completes, your project has been saved).

            If you wish to open your project at a later time or on another computer, follow the steps below:

            • Launch the software, click the Account button to open the Dashboard.
            • In the On this Computer section click on View All.
            • Locate and select your external device by selecting Browse.
            • Click Open.
            • To revisit your design select the project and click Edit this Project.

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            Updated: 27 Oct 2017 04:36 AM
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